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Author Trivedi, Dahryn; Jana, Snehasis
Title The Effect of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM on the ALP Level in MG-63 cells: Bone‐Health Biomarker Type Journal Article
Year 2019 Publication Global Research Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology Abbreviated Journal
Volume 6 Issue 2 Pages 161-169
Keywords Biofield Energy; ALP; Osteoporosis; Osteosarcoma Cells; DMEM; Bone Health
Abstract The study was initiated to investigate the effect of Biofield Treatment on DMEM medium for bone health in MG-63 cells. The test item, DMEM medium was divided into two parts. The test item received Biofield Treatment by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Dahryn Trivedi and was labeled as the Biofield Treated DMEM, while the other part did not receive any treatment and denoted as untreated DMEM group. MTT assay showed that cell viability of the test item was more than 77%, which indicate a safe and non-toxic profile of the test items in MG-63 cells. The level of ALP was significantly (p≤0.001) increased by 42.86% in Biofield Treated DMEM compared with untreated DMEM. Overall, data envisaged that the Biofield Treated DMEM would play an important role for the growth of MG-63 cells along with an improved bone health parameter i.e. ALP level, which plays vital role in the promotion and maintenance of strong and healthy bones. Further, it could be used in numerous bone-related disorders viz. rickets, osteoporosis, deformed bones, Paget’s disease of bone, bone loss and fractures, osteomalacia, bone and/or joint pain, osteoma, hormonal imbalance, stress, and aging.
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Publisher Spring Journals Place of Publication United States Editor
Language English Summary Language English Original Title The Effect of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM on the ALP Level in MG-63 cells: Bone‐Health Biomarker
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Area Health science Expedition Conference
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