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Butterfield, L.H. Cancer vaccines 2015 350 h988
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Calignano, F.; Tommasi, T.; Manfredi, D.; Chiolerio, A. Additive Manufacturing of a Microbial Fuel Cell – A detailed study 2015 5
Chakravarty, S.; Shahriar, A.Z.M. Selection of Borrowing Partners in Joint Liability-Based Microcredit: Evidence from Framed Field Experiments in Bangladesh 2015 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 39 129-144
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Chanam, J.; Kasinathan, S.; Pramanik, G.K.; Jagdeesh, A.; Joshi, K.A.; Borges, R.M. Foliar extrafloral nectar of Humboldtia brunonis (Fabaceae), a paleotropic ant–plant, is richer than phloem sap and more attractive than honeydew 2015 47 1-5
Chiolerio, A.; Bocchini, S.; Scaravaggi, F.; Porro, S.; Perrone, D.; Beretta, D.; Caironi, M.; Fabrizio Pirri, C. Synthesis of polyaniline-based inks for inkjet printed devices: Electrical characterization highlighting the effect of primary and secondary doping 2015 30
Chiolerio, A.; Camarchia, V.; Quaglia, R.; Pirola, M.; Pandolfi, P.; Pirri, C.F. Hybrid Ag-based inks for nanocomposite inkjet printed lines: RF properties 2015 615 S501-S504
Chiolerio, A.; Roppolo, I.; Cauda, V.; Crepaldi, M.; Bocchini, S.; Bejtka, K.; Verna, A.; Pirri, C.F. Ultraviolet mem-sensors: flexible anisotropic composites featuring giant photocurrent enhancement 2015 8 1956-1963